Gold Digger!

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Bag of Tricks
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Remember when you use to play Operation as a kid? Today I continue to play one of my favorite childhood games. Only now I’m using my son as the board game, and I carefully try to extract big gold boogies from his nose using tweezers. If I fail he screams (…and I’m talking one of those bloody murder high pitch girly screams), and it’s worse than losing any game of Operation. Although if I win this is by far the best method to carefully extract boogies without getting down and dirty. So ladies and gents grab your tweezers of choice, and start chasing your little monster around the room. Let’s fill our pockets with riches, and provide our tiny tikes with the clean clear passage way they deserve. The little monkeys will thank you later!

  1. As fun as that might be I’m grateful that my kids are now old enough to take care of their own boogers. Thanx for stopping by my blog between chases.

  2. Deborah - d.mooncrab says:

    Funny! but a tweezer in my hand can be more damaging that you might think. 🙂

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