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Out and about shopping with my munchkin I came across this graphic t-shirt. I loved it, and had to share! This is not my typical post advising fun somewhat free spots to go with your little one. I do not recommend shopping with a toddler unless you aim to accomplish slim to none. It is a constant battle of hide and seek, or “mommy can I have this” said with a please if you’re lucky. In fact prior to toddlerhood I did not believe in online shopping, but it is increasingly becoming my new best friend!


Coffee... You Can Sleep When You're Dead!

Dealing with a toddler is hard enough… dealing with a sleepy, grumpy, child early in the morning when you’re stressing to get to work is another. Single mommy solution: Dress the little tike the night before. He gets to sleep in, and you get to peacefully get ready for work. Problem solved! Now please keep in mind every once in awhile this plan backfires. Loud cries may awaken you in the middle of the night. Your toddler just wet the bed. Did I mention he or she is sleeping with you in your bed, and there is no hubby around to man up and take care of things so that you can get your beauty sleep! It’s time to put on your big girl bra, and take care of business. Half asleep somewhat zombie like you take off your child’s wet clothes, and change the sheets. If you’re LUCKY your little one will fall back asleep, and if you’re luckier it will be on the floor unable to hog your space. After such a night I feel like the mama in this advertisement. Although the quote should read, “KIDS… You can sleep when you’re dead!”

Remember when you use to play Operation as a kid? Today I continue to play one of my favorite childhood games. Only now I’m using my son as the board game, and I carefully try to extract big gold boogies from his nose using tweezers. If I fail he screams (…and I’m talking one of those bloody murder high pitch girly screams), and it’s worse than losing any game of Operation. Although if I win this is by far the best method to carefully extract boogies without getting down and dirty. So ladies and gents grab your tweezers of choice, and start chasing your little monster around the room. Let’s fill our pockets with riches, and provide our tiny tikes with the clean clear passage way they deserve. The little monkeys will thank you later!