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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

If you have a toddler running around your household through the camera lens might be your only peaceful solitary!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Amazingly I was able to capture this photo while chasing my toddler on our visit to the San Clemente Pier! Again this is a great spot to take the little ones, or enjoy happy hour with a few of your closest friends.

This area holds a lot of little treasures that one might not see at first glance. Many people enjoy dining at Fisherman’s while soaking up the breathtaking views. Some like mingling with the locals while train spotting. If you have a toddler or are just young at heart you will love the beachside swing set. Alongside you will find a small covered picnic area equipped with a couple tables and a bbq. My young one greatly enjoyed frolicking on the pier. Every couple steps he climbed on the railing eager to check out the surfers and waves. This area is surrounded by paid parking, although free if you arrive after five o’clock. Whatever you choose to do upon your visit have tons of FUN, and report back about your adventures!